Issue #217

While in the past the WWE's rise back to prominence may have been a good model for a comics industry, their recent slide holds some dire lessions for the comics industry. Plus, women and the literary graphic novel, some reader e-mail and more.

Issue #12

"You should just restart with a new number 1." People say that to Robert a lot about "Invincible." They say it'll help sell more books. But why? Why should a long running series be restarted with a new issue #1? Does it really matter that much to fans?

Issue #60

Last time, Casey & Fraction shared with you the nuts and bolts of how they write a comics script. This time, they continue to examine the process on a pure level by talking about

Pipeline, Issue #439

Augie's taking a look at what new surprises await us starting in January with the latest Previews catalog. And if you're surfing the web, he's also got more links to click on in this week's Pipeline Blog installment.

Isle Of Zombies: Warren Ellis talks "Blackgas"

This January, Warren Ellis returns to the world of horror comics with the three-issue series "Blackgas" from Avatar Press. We sat down for a chat with Ellis to see what his plans are young Tyler & Soo, who are trapped on an island where the local citizens have all turned into zombies. Updated with additional cover images.

Popular French creator Jean-David Morvan to write a Wolverine story, news on DC's new "Confidential" titles, the "Captain America" series that was to be (and still might be in the future), TokyoPop's MangaPod drama, the challenges of selling comics in the U.S. south and much more.

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