Devin Grayson - The "Nightwing" Crisis

CBR News caught up with writer Devin Grayson to discuss the current direction of the series which finds Dick in a "Donnie Brasco" type story. What's it mean for the character? How does it all dovetail into "Infinite Crisis?" And how much longer will the writer be on the title? Come on inside to find out.

Issue #14

Continuity. Some fans care (a lot), others, well, not so much. But how does it work in the Image Universe? Does "Spawn" take place in the same universe as "Savage Dragon?" What about "Invincible?" Erik explains how it all works in this week's column.

Issue #25

Tony returns to Manga Island this week with a look at four different books: "Frontier Line," "Japan," "Apocalypse Meow" and "Eden: It's An Endless World."

The War at Home: Wood and Burchielli Talk "DMZ"

America is in the grips of a second Civil War. Armed Militia members clash with US soldiers and one of America's greatest cities is a war ravaged no-man's land. This is the premise of "DMZ," a new ongoing series beginning today from Vertigo by Brian Wood and Riccardo Burchielli. CBR News recently spoke with both creators about the series.

The Invincible Iron Dan: Daniel Knauf Talks "Iron Man"

A new era begins for Marvel's "Iron Man" in 2006 when Daniel Knauf, creator of the HBO show "Carnivale," and his son Charles take over as the new writers of "Iron Man." CBR News spoke with Daniel Knauf about his views on the character and what readers can expect from his run.

Issue #217

While in the past the WWE's rise back to prominence may have been a good model for a comics industry, their recent slide holds some dire lessions for the comics industry. Plus, women and the literary graphic novel, some reader e-mail and more.

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