Final Crisis: Submit #1

A better description of this issue is "Final Crisis" #3.5, as Grant Morrison finally shows us what happened between the release of the Anti-Life Equation, and our heroes starting to rally back together to fight.

CBR TV 2008: Andy Helfer & Jeff Mariotte

In this exclusive video, IDW Publishing's "Presidential Material" writers Andy Helfer and Jeff Mariotte go in-depth with CBR TV about their comic book biographies of Senators Barack Obama and John McCain.

New "MK vs DCU" screenshots released

Midway has released six all-new screenshots from their highly anticipated "Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe" game, featuring three of their all-new fighting mechanics (as well as some shots of Wonder Woman in action).

New comic Wednesdays are the weekly high holidays of the comic book industry, but occasionally something slightly more important than sating your average fan's weekly needs comes walking through your front door.

Winning by a nose as Megatron hands out the beatdown, Matt Murdock wrestles with guilt, the Joes go to guns, plus "Unknown Soldier," "She-Hulk," great quotes, crazy ideas and plots gone awry.

Secret Invasion #7

The penultimate issue of Marvel's summer event continues the big-screen action and excitement, while giving fans of the Marvel Universe some great "oo!" and "ahhhh!" moments.

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