DVD REVIEW: "Ultimate Avengers"

Earth's Mightiest Heroes make their way to the home theatres of people around the world, and CBR has a review of the premiere of Marvel's deal with Lion's Gate Films.

McLauchlin Steps Down as Top Cow EiC, Geerlings Steps Up

For three years Jim McLauchlin has guided Top Cow Studios as Editor-In-Chief. At the end of this month he plans to step down, with Managing Editor Renae Geerlings set to take on the EiC title. We spoke with both McLauchlin and Geerlings about these changes.

Pipeline, Issue #454

Augie leads off with a review of the "Adam Strange: Planet Heist" trade paperback, and continues with thoughts on the upcoming New York Comic-Con, San Diego Comic-Con hotel rooms, and miscellaneous thoughts from across the comics web this week.

Drawing On the Pain: Moder Talks "Painkiller Jane"

Last week, we spoke with Jimmy Palmiotti about the adventures in store for Painkiller Jane in her new, ongoing series from Dynamite Entertainment. In part two of our feature on "Painkiller Jane," we talk with artist Lee Moder about brining the crime plagued world of New York to life.

Checking out Aspen's "Fathom" #7

Aspen Comics has provided CBR News with an exclusive preview of "Fathom" #7, written by J.T. Krull and featuring art by penciller Koi Turnbull and inker Jason Gorder.

Updated 5:00 PM PST What new series is in the works at DC? Rich has some ideas. Plus, a big Batman project to be announced at the New York Comic-Con, Marvel's online initiatives, the Frank Miller media blitz, the swipe file and much more.

REFLECTIONS: Talking with Artist Frazer Irving

Frazer Irving found himself with a whole new set of fans with the publication of "Klarion the Witch Boy." The artist is now wowing a whole new set of fans with his work on "Iron Man: Inevitable." Robert Taylor sat down with Irving to discuss his work.

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