GeNext #1

Chris Claremont and Patrick Scherberger introduce another potential new generation of X-Men -- this time they're the children of the original teams.

Photo Parade Weekend - Part 1

So, yeah, we never posted our WWLA and NYCC pics, but everybody loves a (photo) parade, right? In a two-part feature we present to you fantastic photos by CBR Staff Photog Pinguino Kolb with obnoxious commentary from some guy named Jonah.

Image Comics on Sale May 21

Courtesy of Image, CBR brings you advance looks at new comics on sale next week including "Dynamo 5" #13, "Gødland" #23, "Invincible Universe Primer" #1, and an exclusive preview of "Dark Ivory" #2.

A trip to Hawaii leads to the first week in memory where nothing really sucked, we try to tabulate Tony Stark's body count, visit family in DMZ and pick up some Image books with all new craziness.

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