X-POSITION: Matt Fraction

The co-writer of "Uncanny X-Men," Matt Fraction joins X-POSITION to answer your questions and chat about the Velvet Underground and filking duos, plus exclusive art from this month's "Uncanny" issue #502!

Augie pays his respect to hard-working webcomics wonders, shares some early "Noble Causes" artwork, looks at the new releases of nine years ago, and much more in this week's all-new PIPELINE.

Fools Tread Lightly: Harlan Ellison

In this first of a two-part interview, Harlan Ellison talks to CBR News about "Dreams With Sharp Teeth," the new documentary based on his life and work, as well as his forthcoming memoir, famous friends and more.

Watchmen Trial Date Set for January 6

A federal judge has set January 6, 2009 as the trial date for 20th Century Fox's lawsuit over "Watchmen," which could imperil the forthcoming Warner Bros. adaptation of the graphic novel.

REFLECTIONS: Frank Spotnitz

"The X-Files" Executive producer Frank Spotnitz speaks to REFLECTIONS about penning the new Wildstorm title, fan and critical reaction of the second feature film, and the continued possibility of a third movie.

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