Joe Pokaski & Aron Coleite are back to answer your "Heroes" questions in the latest edition of CBR's exclusive question-and-answer session, BEHIND THE ECLIPSE! This week: your questions about "The Eclipse, Part I."

Lots of big stuff this week, including an update on James Robinson's Superman books, officially calling who will be the next Doctor Who, plus lots of news from the convention in Dublin this weekend and much more!

Amy Reeder Hadley Talks "Madame Xanadu"

The artist behind Vertigo's hot new series "Madame Xanadu," Amy Reeder Hadley goes in-depth about working with writer Matt Wagner, her love of manga, and provides an exclusive look at issue #6 with guest star Death.

David Petersen Talks "Mouse Guard" Return

After a lengthy delay, "Mouse Guard: Winter 1152" will finally see release this week. CBR News sat down for a quick chat with creator David Petersen about not just the new issue, but also the official Mouse Guard ballad!

Jae Lee Darkens "Dead Irons"

The superstar illustrator of Marvel's "Dark Tower" explains his role as Art Director for Dynamite Entertainment's western-horror and his huge admiration for artist Jason Shawn Alexander and writer James Kuhoric.

TRINGENUITY 25: Trinity Commentary

Meet The League as they negotiate a truce with the JSI, one that will unite all the world's heroes against Morgaine Le Fey and Enigma. And Alfred Pennyworth forms an alliance of his own, all in the latest issue of DC's "Trinity."

George talks with talented "Star Wars: Clone Wars" artist Katie Cook to talk TV, trading cards, toys, comics (including her Myspace Dark Horse Presents contribution "Tricks of the Trade" and the OGN "Oddly Normal"), the comics industry and Jedi Knights!

Terra #2

"Terra" continues to offer up a mysterious connection to the young ladies who possessed the name previously while setting the DCU up with new locales and adventures.

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