Firebreather #2

"Firebreather" is the new Peter Parker/Spider-Man, complete with humans, dragons, and teenagers.

X-POSITION: NYX's Marjorie Liu

Novelist and current "NYX" scribe Marjorie Liu answers fan questions about the new mini, gives writing tips, and lets loose on Big Damn Apes. Plus, an EXCLUSIVE first look at the cover to "NYX" #4!

This week in the Pipeline: Larry Young takes you for a ride down a "Black Diamond," James Robinson makes Starman come alive, and last but not least, reader suggestions for future editions of TwoMorrows' "Modern Masters."

"Bionic Commando" Gets Rearmed

One of the most popular video games of the NES era, "Bionic Commando" gets a facelift and will be re-released this month for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 owners. CBR News has the lowdown on what fans can expect.

Creators Talk Animated "Wonder Woman"

Producer Bruce Timm, Executive Producer Gregory Noveck, Casting Director Andrea Romano and Director Laura Montgomery talked to CBR at CCI about the upcoming direct-to-DVD film and the future of DC Universe Animated Movies.

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