Chicago Live Art After Party

For comic creators, the convention day is packed with signings and panels, but the real fun happens at night. This past weekend in Chicago, Jim Mahfood, Mike Huddleston, Dave Crosland, Jose Garibaldi and Mike Bianco held a live art after party and we've got a recap.

Issue #256

Steven's back with thoughs from you readers about proposed changes to the copyright law, comments on the summer television season that's highlight by BBC America and much more in this week's PERMANENT DAMAGE.

Podcast #81

Marvel's Zombies lead the pack for new comics released on August 9th. The Ultimate Spider-Man Annual and an Authority/Lobo trade paperback join it. Plus, Augie presents another theory on Claypool's demise.

Pipeline, Issue #478

Augie dips into the latest "Previews" this week, paying special attention to Marvel's curious collections as well as DC's latest and greatest. Plus, the one San Diego Comic-Con picture you never thought you'd see.

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