Transformers - A Storm is Coming?

Late Tuesday night, IDW Publishing sent out a single piece of art, with no further explanation, promoting a Transformers series to debut this summer. What's the deal? We'll let the fans lead the speculation.

Red Sonja Commentary, Part Two

Yesterday we shared with you DVD style commentary on "Red Sonja" #0 by writer's Michael Avon Omeing and Mike Carey. Today, Oeming is back to take a look at "Red Sonja" #6.

Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants: Arvell Jones

Continuing our celebration of Black History Month, today we talk with Arvell Jones, former artist for Marvel, DC, and Milestone. We discuss his early days at Marvel, the key to breaking into the industry, and how hard it is for different parts of the industry to just get along.

Bwah-Ha-Ha Exclusive? DeMatteis & Boom!'s Richie Explain

We hear about a lot of exclusive creator signings these days, but this one's a bit different. Bwah-Ha-Ha, the brand of humor invented by Keith Giffen & J.M. DeMatteis, is going exclusively to Boom! Studios. What, you say? Come on in and we'll explain.

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