The brutal, relentless but always direct reviews column from Hannibal Tabu makes its debut at CBR, with Warren Ellis showing up for the job, Bill Willingham gets tender and Grant Morrison comes close.

Waiting on tenterhooks for the arrival of Torak the Slayer, Paul recounts more of his favorite injuries.

Sherman talks "SOCOM: SEAL Team Seven," In Stores Today

"SOCOM: SEAL Team Seven" lands in shops today from Image. We caught up with first time comic writer M. Zachary Sherman for an update as well as a 13-page preview of the graphic novel, which follows a group of Navy SEALs investigating the mysterious sinking of a nuclear submarine, complicated by a conflict with the Kingdom of Atlantis.

Issue #234

So, what's the best way to network in the comics biz? Is buying creators drinks at a convention the way to get it going? Steven discusses the right and wrong ways to network in the comics industry. Plus loads of reader e-mail on the Speakeasy closure, Diamond, new approaches to comics, comics conventions and much more.

Marvel's "Fantastic Four" Press Conference Transcript

UPDATED Marvel held a telephone press conference to discuss "Fantastic Four" #536, part of the "Road to Civil War" which features the return of a character not seen in quite a while. J. Michael Straczynski and editor Tom Brevoort spoke at length about the plans and we have a transcript of that conversation.

Chose Your Side on CBR's "Civil War" Forum

We here at CBR have launched a new forum for those of you looking forward to Marvel's upcoming event, "Civil War." Join in on the discussion and learn how you can interview editor Tom Brevoort!

Pipeline, Issue #456

Augie begins his monthly trek through the Diamond's Previews catalog by looking at Marvel and Dark Horse, as well as what's been cancelled this time around.

Tiger Tiger Burning Bright: Pierce Talks "White Tiger"

There's a new predator stalking the concrete jungles of New York City. Her name is Angela Del Toro AKA The White Tiger, the star of an upcoming mini-series from Marvel by New York Times best selling author Tamora Pierce. CBR News spoke with Pierce about the project.

Lots of stuff this week, including Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean's next book, JMS & Mark Millar on civil liberties in "Civil War," the state of downloadable DC titles, the missing "Starship Troopers" page, the metatextual flavor of the new DCU and much more. Updated

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