Issue #36

Possessed heroes, villains and plenty of undead mayhem dominate this week's CALLING MANGA ISLAND with looks at two bits of horror manga, "Claymore" and "D. Gray-Man."

"The Black Coat's" New Lease On Life

Ape Entertainment's "The Black Coat" arrives in stores today, after it's original publisher closed up shop the week the first issue was set to arrive. We talk with the creative team to learn about their journey bringing the Revolutionary War era spy story to market.

Up, Up & Away! Kazu Kibuishi talks "Flight" Vol. 3

When you've got one of the biggest critical hits of the past five years, the sky is the limit, as the "Flight" crew has learned. CBR spoke with head honcho Kazu Kibuishi about this new volume and appealing to a larger audience. Plus, we've got a big preview for you.

Issue #240

Steven checks in this week to discuss the development of the "CSI: Dying in the Gutters" story, then comments on the Taki Soma assault story, a bit of reader e-mail, the current political war and much more.

Pipeline, Issue #462

Augie looks at the second volume of Brian Bendis' "The Pulse," and the first run of issues from Dan Slott's "The Thing." Plus, Kyle Baker and Neil Gaiman rate mentions in the miscellaneous section of this week's PIPELINE.

Animal Kingdom: Mike Bullock talks "Lions, Tigers & Bears"

Remember how your parents told you there weren't monsters under your bed? They didn't know about "Lions, Tigers & Bears," the story of a boy who has to fight these Beasties, like a good little hero. We caught up with writer Mike Bullock to learn the latest about the series.

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