Ten Years Later: Reflecting on "Kingdom Come" with Alex Ross

Ten years after the release of "Kingdom Come," the series is still highly popular with old and new fans alike, with an Absolute edition on the way as a reward for the most dedicated fans. Jonah Weiland sat down with Alex Ross for a lengthy chat about his thoughts on the series 10 years later and what it means to him today. Updated 5/13/06

Issue #243

It's a big one this week as Steven teases some "Whisper" news, reacts to the reorganization of Markosia Comics, brings you a boat load of reviews and much more in this week's edition of PERMANENT DAMAGE.

The Green Party: Winick Talks "Green Arrow."

Can a man bring hope to a devastated city by working inside and outside the system? Oliver Queen is going to find out as he splits his time between being the new mayor of Star City and the city's resident costumed vigilante. We spoke with "Green Arrow" writer Judd Winick about the series.

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