Fantastic Four: Secret Invasion #1

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa returns to the Fantastic Four and, at the same time, grabs hold of a decade-old dangling thread with the return of occasional "F4" supporting character, Lyja, in this Secret Invasion tie-in.

One-Pound Gospel, Vol. 1

Dusted off for a new edition, "One-Pound Gospel" is still surprisingly charming, even if it doesn't seem entirely sure at first just what it's trying to be.

This week: Crisis on infinite crossovers, a barrage of fan mail, and lots of notes from the death of Rory Root to the new return of Napster in Steven Grant's PERMANENT DAMAGE.

Aaron talks "Ghost Rider" Revelations

A major figure of the Ghost Rider mythos returns in the pages of "Ghost Rider" #23, on sale now. CBR News spoke with writer Jason Aaron about the issue and what's coming next. SPOILER ALERT!

Rebecca Donner talks "Burnout" at Minx

The story of a teen girl in love with her mom's boyfriend's son, who happens to be an eco-terrorist, "Burnout" is the latest offering from Minx and author Rebecca Donner, who spoke with us about the graphic novel.

VIVA LAS VEGAS: Granov talks Iron Man

CBR News talks to superstar artist Adi Granov about his work on Marvel Studios' "Iron Man" movie as well as his collaboration with director Jon Favreau in the four-issue miniseries "Iron Man: Viva Las Vegas."

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