Chat Transcript: Rick Remender

The past year has seen Rick Remender's output in the industry expand greatly with a plethora of projects exploring disparate genres. Remender sat in for another one of our regular creator chats and we've got a transcript for you.

9 Pages of Top Shelf's "Surrogates" #2

Top Shelf has provided CBR News with nine pages of "Surrogates" #2, the exciting new sci-fi series by Robert Venditti and Brett Weldele, scheduled to hit comic shops later this month.

Catching Up On "Elk's Run" With Joshua Fialkov

With the new "Elk's Run Bumper Edition" coming out in just a few weeks from Speakeasy, we caught up with creator Joshua Hale Fialkov to update readers on what the books about and what its future looks like, plus word on his next project, a story in "Fused Tales" from Boom! Studios.

Issue #54

Warren Ellis has quite a history with the Internet. His new discussion site, THE ENGINE, is the writer's forray into the world of online communities. Joe & Matt take a look at Warren's latest online experiment.

Pipeline, Issue #432

Augie reaches the end of The Short Box Chronicles. This column has 15 new reviews of books like "Wha...Huh?," "Banana Sunday," "Powers," "Fell," "House of M" and more.

PREVIEW: "Rocketo" #2

Speakeasy Comics has provided CBR News with a six-page preview of this Wednesday's shipping "Rocketo" #2 by writer/artist Frank Espinosa.

Crop of Dark Secrets: Howard Talks "Black Harvest"

That small, rural town may seem nice, but lurking just beneath that quaint exterior are secrets, lies, and unspeakable horrors. This November Josh Howard takes readers to one such town in the mini-series "Black Harvest," described as a cross between "The X-Files" and "Smallville." CBR News spoke with Howard about the series.

Rich takes a further look at the changes to Diamond's New Publisher terms, Chris Weston does the Rockstar (art) thing and talks about it, the unlikely inker who's being stolen from, John Bryne vs. Wikipedia, a guide to Morrison's "Seven Soldiers" mini's and much more.

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