Merci Beaucoup: Simon Gane talks "Paris"

With excitement growing over Slave Labor Graphics' "Paris" mini-series, CBR News caught up with artist Simon Gane, who explained the genesis of the book and his plans for the future. Includes preview pages from issue #2.

Talking About My Generation: Jenkins talks "Generation M"

Not all mutants in the Marvel U have fantastic powers; some have been cursed with mutations that offer no powers and normal life an impossibility. Sally Floyd will tell these mutants stories in "Generation M," a mini-series from Marvel coming in November. We spoke with "Generation M" writer Paul Jenkins about the series.

Issue #7

The question of aging comic characters, specifically those from Marvel or DC, is a complicated one. Ask fans whether they should age and most will probably say yes. Erik examines the inherent complications involved in aging comic characters and why most of them stay the same age for 30, 40 or even 50 years.

Issue #209

Someone asked Steven the question, "Are there too many graphic novels?" You might think it's a simple question with a simple answer, but not really. Plus, comments on politics, the Byrne WikiPedia thing and much more.

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