Pipeline, Issue #433

Augie looks into two books with spines this week: "Superman/Batman: Absolute Power" and "Top Ten: The Forty Niners." He also has a review of Marvel's "Livewires" mini-series before its collection hits next month.

Issue #55

Two creators, two very different careers. The guys take a look at their own output, looking for themes amongst the projects they've worked on, searching for common thematic elements, trying to find some sort of career context.

Chosen, Ghost Rider, Courtney Crumin and the Night Things, Superman Returns: September 26th Comic Reel Wrap

EXCLUSIVE! CBR News has inside information on the first coming of Mark Millar to the big screen, with notes from his Midtown Comics signing. We also have Nicolas Cage getting into character, an indie project getting a big check, puffing up the Man of Steel, stealing stuff from Brett Ratner, a new hairdo for Kara Zor-El, a first look at the young Aquaman and more in a jam packed news summary.

The Best Bethesda Has To Offer: SPX Wrap Up

This past weekend, Bethesda, Maryland played host to the annual SPX convention, the comic show dedicated to independent and self-published comic books. CBR's Justin Jordan was in attendance all three days and filed this report.

Rich checks in with the "art" of "the pitch," the end of "Strangers in Paradise," news on the "Alan Moore Omnibus," CGI Anne Frank, Asterix's return, the future tone of the DC Universe, get Rich in Previews and much more.

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