GeNext #3

The latest generation of X-Men search for their missing comrade, No-Name, even as the mansion comes under investigation and attack. By Claremont and Scherberger.


With the premiere of the "The Dark Knight" nearly upon us, CBR brings you the second of an in-depth history of the Joker in comics and film, from the turbulent 1970s to the new Heath Ledger-starring film.

The pre-San Diego special edition as Steven defines what really separates DC and Marvel and reveals what William Faulkner has to say about it, plus San Diego schedules, pilot previews and other alliterative amusements.

REFLECTIONS: Kurt Busiek, Part I

In this first of a multi-part interview, Kurt Busiek talks to CBR News about the critical reaction to the first month of the weekly DC Comics series "Trinity" and how he is dealing with the workload.

X-Position: Best Question Ever

In this week's X-POSITION, X-editors Axel Alonso, Nick Lowe, John Barber and Will Panzo preview exclusive artwork from "X-Men: Original Sin," "Wolverine: Origins" #27 and more and answer the best question ever.

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