Your First Look at the Next X-Men Video Game

Activision has provided CBR News with a first look at screen images from the upcoming "X-Men: The Official Movie Game" (working title) video game. The game provides the back-story for the upcoming "X-Men: The Last Stand" motion picture.

Hand of Providence: Nicieza talks "Cable & Deadpool"

2006 is a big year for Cable and Deadpool. In the coming months, the duo will encounter a number of familiar friends and foes and find themselves involved in some of Marvel's biggest events. CBR News spoke with "Cable & Deadpool" writer Fabian Nicieza about the book.

Pipeline, Issue #452

Augie takes a look at DC's "One Year Later" to see if there are any books he should consider picking up. Plus, what's with his bad luck on airplanes? What's he reading these days? And more!'

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