WWLA Day Two: Marvel Asks, "Whose Side Are You On?"

"Civil War" is coming to the Marvel Universe, and the opening shots have been fired! Two new books were announced, we got some insight from the new "Iron Man" creative team, and just who is Wolverine hunting when "Civil War" begins? CBR found out at Wizard World L.A!

WWLA Day Two: TV Writer Geeks Who Also Write Comics

Three writers of the hit TV show 'Lost' came together with intriguing blend of advice for hopeful writers, a peek behind the scenes at 'Lost', and hilarious personal stories. Damon Lindelof (Co-creator), Javier Grillo-Marxuach, and Jeph Loeb, who (as the panel's name suggests) "also" write comics. All this & more, from Wizard World L.A.

"Iron Man" Conference Call Transcript with Daniel & Charlie Knauf

Early Thursday afternoon, Marvel held a press conference to discuss April's "Iron Man" #17, which sees the debut of the new creative team of writers Daniel Knauf (the creator of HBO's "Carnivale") and his son Charlie with artist Patrick Zircher. We've got a transcript of that conversation.

Top Sales Charts for Actual Sales in February, 2006

Diamond has released the top comic numbers based on actual sales for product shipped in February, 2006, including Market Share, Top 300 Comics, Top 100 Graphic Novels/TPB's and Top 50 Manga. Marvel leads all publishers in sales and units, with "Astonishing X-Men" #13 leading the pack.

The Color Of Evil: Joe Casey talks "The Black Plague"

Boom! Studios continues to attract big names, this time seeing writer Joe Casey launching a new one-shot in July called "The Black Plague." We spoke to the scribe to learn about why it's simultaneously like and unlike anything you've ever read.

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