WW Chicago: Johns Vs. Bendis

The first ever semi-official joint Marvel/DC panel? Johns and Bendis hijack their own presentation for an inter-company, multi-creator discussion of some of the biggest issues in comic books today.

WW Chicago: The Robert Kirkman Q&A

Robert Kirkman hosted a rousing Q&A session, talking about "Invincible," "Walking Dead," "Astonishing Ant-Man," "Marvel Zombies" and "Science Dog" during the prolific creator's WizardWorld panel.

Keith Giffen's Back! He checks in on a multitude of subjects this week, including airing dirty laundry in public, opting for star power over competence, how some characters just don't work and the word "fanboy."

The Joker's Asylum Part IV: Scarecrow

In this, our fourth interview with the five writers of "The Joker's Asylum," CBR News spoke with horror film and comic writer Joe Harris ("BPRD: There's Something Under My Bed") about his leading rogue - Scarecrow.

WW Chicago: Vertigo: Edgy and Evocative

WizardWorld Chicago attendees expecting to hear about Vertigo's upcoming plans at DC Comics Vertigo panel were instead treated to a one-on-one panel with Brian Azzarello discussing his work for Vertigo and DC.

WW Chicago: DC Nation

Crisis, collaboration and change mark this summer's DC Comics, and Dan DiDio led a panel which covered topics from the return of Barry Allen, Captain Carrot and Captain Atom to an "Absolute LoEG: Black Dossier" and more!

WW Chicago: Mondo Marvel

UPDATED: Marvel's "Mondo Marvel" panel revealed some of the publisher's upcoming plans, including a return of "What If?," Ghost Rider VS Ghost Rider a new Jason Aaron scripted Wolverine series and more!

Venturing West: Medri talks "13 Chambers"

Italian artist Denis Medri joins the acclaimed music video director known as mink for "13 Chambers," a fantasy Western shipping in September from 12 Gauge Comics. Medri spoke with CBR News about the book.

WW Chicago: Mike Perkins Takes "The Stand"

Marvel Comics is set to release Master of Horror Stephen King's classic "The Stand" as a 30-part, multiple series epic and The House of Ideas has pegged fan favorite Mike Perkins ("Captain America") as the artist.

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