Dynamite Comics on sale August 6, 2008

Courtesy of Dynamite Entertainment, CBR brings you advance looks at new comics on sale this week including "The Boys" #21, "Red Sonja" #36 and "Army of Darkness: Home Sweet Hell" #11.

CCI: Spotlight on Keith Giffen

At Comic-Con International, the artist/writer spoke to fans about his entire career, from "Justice League" to"Ambush Bug" to "LoSH" to to writing for - hey, writing for CBR! (And Trencher and the Heckler, too.)

CCI: Friday Photo Parade

It's a star-studded, cosplay filled, creator laden photo parade! Friday at Comic-Con saw the likes of Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, Samuel L. Jackson, a load of cosplayers, the Marvel Fashion show (Mama!), loads of creators and much more!

Black Panther #39

"Black Panther" meets "Secret Invasion" as a war breaks out. The ubiquitous Jason Aaron scripts this tie-in issue.

Manhunter #32

Loads of cameos and easter eggs fill out an issue that's new reader friendly and DC Universe situated.

CCI: Spaced

The "Spaced" panel was full of stories and news on the popular UK comedy, including word on exclusive US commentary tracks, why "Spaced" resonates well with fans and speculation about the future of TV work, Doctor Who and Ant Man.

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