What kind of announcements might you hear in Chicago later this week? Rich has something of a preview. Plus, how will "House of M" and "Infinite Crisis" ultimately affect the Marvel & DC Universe's respectively? Look inside for hints. Plus, how did the London bombings affect the comics retailers in the city?

Tom Beland Crafts True Spider-Man & True Life Stories

"True Story Swear To God" creator Tom Beland takes on a more serious tone with next week's issue #14. We talk with Beland about the story he tells, plus find out about one of his dreams coming to-- getting the chance to write a Spider-Man story for Marvel Comics.

Global Frequency, Astronauts in Trouble, 300, Superman Returns: July 29th Comic Reel Wrap

Alas, poor Aleph, we barely knew ye ... the death knell for the most popular TV show never aired, plus Larry Young looks like he's gonna get a huge check, Frank Miller's ancient Greeks may be poised to march into multiplexes with a new director, we check out the Metropolis Museum, Jennifer Garner says she and her hubby may suit up for Marvel again, plus so much more in the week's last look at links, legends and lies.

A Gift With Consequences: Gregory talks Image's "The Gift" #13

The 13th issue of Raven Gregory's "The Gift" hits comic shop shelves at the end of September and is sure to shock readers according. In this issue, the Ancient One bequeaths a gift unto a small child who doesn't exactly use it for good. We spoke with Gregory to get the skinny and a preview of this issue.

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