Pipeline, Issue #445

With Christmas only a few short days away, Augie looks at three more Christmas comics, including this year's Marvel and Image offerings. Plus, just so that he doesn't overload you with holiday cheer, Augie takes a look at the latest Asterix and Wolverine volumes.

Issue #64

It's the final BASEMENT TAPES of 2005 and Casey & Fraction sit down to choose their favorite books from the past year. Two writers, three books each. Can you guess which books made the grade and which didn't? Come on in and find out.

Watchmen, X-Men 3, Smallville, Wonder Woman: December 19th Comic Reel Wrap

Alan Moore's spandex-clad masterpiece has found its way home to its corporate masters, and director Paul Greengrass tells you why. Plus, we predict a riot in Vancouver, standing in for the mutant-covered streets of New York, Clark may not be the only alien in town, and Joss Whedon juggles responsibilities, all in today's news summary.

Vandalism: Moore talks "JSA Classified"

Time has little meaning for Vandal Savage but beginning in March, the malevolent Methuselah will learn that even his life can be irrevocably altered in a year. The effects of Savage's twelve month ordeal are chronicled in "JSA Classified" #10-13 and CBR spoke with writer Stuart Moore about this tale, which ties into DC Comics' "One Year Later" story line.

Which Wildstorm character gets their own solo title next year? Plus more "Degrassi" comic news, Adam Fortier discusses the challenges faced by Speakeasy, early "V For Vendetta" reviews, the return of the swipe file and much more.

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