Pipeline, Issue #475 - Part Two

Augie guides you through Saturday and Sunday's panel schedules for this week's Comic-Con International in San Diego. It features a Quick Draw, Kazuo Koike, Todd McFarlane, Scott Williams, and more. Updated with an advance review of "Civil War" #3. What's Augie's verdict? Come inside and find out for yourself.

The "Clerks II" Interviews - Trevor Fehrman

Trevor Fehrman plays Elias in "Clerks II," a naïve, Jesus loving innocent who doesn't end up so innocent by film's end. He talks about working on the film, how Rosario Dawson left him speechless and his total love of comics.

The "Clerks II" Interviews - Director Kevin Smith

We conclude our coverage of "Clerks II" by talking with Director Kevin Smith, who talked about returning to these characters 12 years later, on working with Rosario Dawson, his long time friendship with Jason Mewes and much more.

Joe Casey Gets "The Black Plague"

With fans attending CCI this week getting their first look at Joe Casey's "The Black Plague," we caught up with Casey to get a 7-page preview as well as some background on the Boom! Studios release.

Karen Berger Promoted At DC Comics

It's a happy day for Karen Berger, the DC Comics editor whose work at Vertigo has led to some of the imprint's hugest successes. So what's she doing now? We have the answer.

Pipeline, Issue #475 - Part One

There's so much to look forward to in San Diego this year that Augie is taking two days to sum it all up. Today -- a look at all the programming for Thursday and Friday at Comic-Con International.

This week's edition of Lying in the Gutters is so big, well, we don't know exactly where to start. Loads of preview art, the possible identity of the new Daredevil analyzed, which Milestone character will get the animated treatment, and much, much more. Come on inside and see for yourself. UPDATED with a first look at art from "The Boys" by Ennis/Robertson.

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