Mike Costa Talks Wildstorm's "Resistance"

One of the most popular game franchises, "Resistance' is coming to comics this week courtesy of Wildstorm and writer Mike Costa & artist Ramón Perez. We spoke with Costa about what "Resistance" fans can expect.

Dan Slott Talks Amazing Spider-Man

He meets Barack Obama in this week's "Amazing Spider-Man" #583, and in the coming weeks Spider-Man will tangle with Wolverine, the Fantastic Four and Anti-Venom. We spoke with writer Dan Slott about all things Spidey.

David Rees Talks "Get Your War On"

Celebrated cartoonist David Rees talks to CBR News about ending his popular comics strip "Get Your War On" as President Bush administration's comes to an end, a promise the cartoonist made years ago.

Phil Hester Talks "Masquerade"

Classic heroes, new villains and time-hopping action take center stage in Phil Hester & Carlos Paul's revision of the Golden Age heroine Miss Masque in Dynamite's "Masquerade." We spoke with the writer about the project.

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