The "Clerks II" Interviews - Jason Mewes

There's no one quite like Jason Mewes, who we chatted to about "Clerks 2." Sure, you know he likes comics and Kevin Smith, but you'll also learn the price he paid for losing a bet to Ben Affleck.

The 52 Steps: Week Ten

Who's making a play for Gotham? Have our space travelers found a way off planet? And there's also that chick lurking around in a bat suit. It's DC's "52" Week Ten and we have a look a the issue with highlights, thoughts, predictions and the panel of the week.

Catching Up With Greg Rucka

It's no secret that Greg Rucka is one of the busiest men in comics, but he took some time to talk to CBR News about his new hits, "52" and "Checkmate," as well as reflect on "Gotham Central" and talk frankly about "Queen & Country."

Thrill House & Weta Team Up For "Cryptid"

What kind of comic would the design team of "Lord Of the Rings," Mignola, and Frazetta would create together? Thrill House Comics, Weta Workshop, and Secret Lab Studios answer your curiousity with "Cryptid" and we've got a preview.

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