Marvel Comics Solicitations for October, 2006

Marvel Comics has released their solicitation text and cover images for comics and product shipping October, 2006. We've got the full text and cover images, which features October "Civil War" tie-ins as well as a "Dr. Strange: The Oath" #1 preview.

William Harms Cuts Deep With "Impaler"

Sure, vampires have fangs, but what ever happened to their balls? The fanged ones reclaim their manhood this October in Image's "Impaler" and writer William Harms told CBR News all about it.

Pipeline, Issue #475 - Part Two

Augie guides you through Saturday and Sunday's panel schedules for this week's Comic-Con International in San Diego. It features a Quick Draw, Kazuo Koike, Todd McFarlane, Scott Williams, and more. Updated with an advance review of "Civil War" #3. What's Augie's verdict? Come inside and find out for yourself.

The "Clerks II" Interviews - Trevor Fehrman

Trevor Fehrman plays Elias in "Clerks II," a naïve, Jesus loving innocent who doesn't end up so innocent by film's end. He talks about working on the film, how Rosario Dawson left him speechless and his total love of comics.

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