Updated Lots to cover this week as news of a new John Constantine makes its way to Rich's e-mail box, plus a big ol' collection for "Outlaw Nation," the Bachlo cover to "Meltdown" #1, thoughts on "Civil War" delays, more on the Oscar Jimenez/Juan Barranco story, the future of the Dabel Bros. and much more.

The 52 Steps: Week Fifteen

Big stuff went down in the latest edition of DC's weekly "52" series (Booster? Hello?). What went down and what does it all mean? Justin's got the 411 for ya.

Issue #51

This week, Erik talks art. Specifically, art from artists whose work is completely unpredictable. Artists like Leonardi, Kane, Kirby, Salmons, Wood and others. So, join Erik as he discusses a handful of artists whose work he truly admires.

In which history repeats itself, awkwardly.

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