Coloring "Witchblade Manga" With Blond & Sablik

This February, the "Witchblade Manga" comes to America in a newly colored series. We spoke with Top Cow's Marketing Director Filip Sablik and colorist Blond to learn about bringing this series Stateside and got a side-by-side comparison of the original and colored art.

Issue #68

There are a lot of influential, famous people out there who love comics. But why don't they ever share their love of comics with the rest of the world? Erik thinks about what a little star power evangelism could bring to comics.

DC PREVIEWS: Spirits, Batmen and Supergirls

DC Comics has provided CBR News with advance looks at several upcoming issues of some of their most exciting series. We've got full-color previews of "Batman" #661, "The Spirit" #2, and "Supergirl & The Legion Of Super-Heroes" #25.

The CBR Year End Round-Up: Trends, Part One

Four of CBR's regular news writers get together to discuss the trends in the comic industry over the past year. Cross-overs, multiple covers, top talent reviving B-grade characters, fanboy entitlement and much more in part one of our four part year end round up.

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