Issue #200

On the occasion of his 200th column (four years of Permanent Damage) Steven spends some time discussing this past weekend's Comic-Con International in San Diego, he looks back on a project he tried to get off the ground in 1983 and much more.

CCI, Day 3 - Serenity Panel

The always jovial cast of the film "Serenity" joined creator Joss Whedon at a rollicking panel filled with snippets of humor, heartfelt affection and action packed footage.

Artist Jim Aparo Dead at 72

Legendary artist Jim Aparo, known best for his voluminous amount of work on DC's Batman, has died at the age of 72 from complications related to a recent illness.

Rich takes a look at DC's next weekly comic called "52," updates where "Sleeper" lays in the world of Hollywood, a "V for Vendetta" movie script review, pick yourself up a bit of Dreamwave, signs of a cow and much more.

2005 Eisner Award Winners

The Eisner Awards, often referred to as the "Academy Awards" of the comics industry, were held this past weekend at Comic-Con International and the results are in. Who won what? Check inside to find out.

Augie finishes up his daily con reports with a look at Sunday, including yet another delayed flight. Even on the fourth day of Comic-Con International , there's something new to be found.

CCI, Day 3 - CBR Photo Parade

Saturday is now over at Comic-Con International and you know what that means -- LOTS of costumed people! A total of 85 photos were snapped Saturday afternoon and they're ready for your viewing enjoyment. Movie stars, rock stars, costumed cuties, wacky weirdos and a whole bunch of creators round out Saturday's Photo Parade.

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