One-On-One with "V for Vendetta" Star Natalie Portman

With the highly anticipated trailer for "V For Vendetta" appearing for the first time on the Web today, CBR News brings you a one-on-one interview with "V" star Natalie Portman who discusses the role she played and how the film fits in with the world's current political climate.

Issue #17

Fans of the genre know that the original "Vampire Hunder D" movie ushered in the anime wave of the early 1990s. Now, the original novel by Hideyuki Kikuchi is finally available with art by Yoshitaka Amano. Tony takes a look at the first book in the 13-part series.

In the Name of the Father: Quesada talks "Daredevil: Father"

Last year Marvel released the first chapter of "Daredevil: Father" by Marvel EiC Joe Quesada, but issue two never hit stores. The series is back on track and #2 arrives in stores this August along with a special "Director's Cut" edition of #1. CBR News spoke with Quesada about "Daredevil: Father."

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