Ron Marz talks "Dragon Prince"

Ron Marz talks to CBR about "Dragon Prince," the story of an Asian-American teen whose life is transformed when he discovers he's the last of a race of shapeshifting dragons -- and he's being hunted.

The Dragon Prince #1

"Dragon Prince," from Ron Marz and Lee Moder, follows the trials and tribulations of 14-year-old Aaron Chiang. Aaron's mother, April, writes novels about dragons, which Aaron didn't really think twice about. Until now.

Tim Kring Talks Heroes: Villains

Tim Kring, the creator and executive producer of NBC's fan-favorite show, "Heroes," talks about the new season, "Volume Three: Villains," the casualties of the Writers Strike and his role in Zachary Quinto becoming Spock.

Manhunter #34

"Forgotten" continues on as Manhunter finds herself in the middle of a massive operation that has drawn the interest of both the Suicide Squad and the Birds of Prey.

REFLECTIONS: Marc Andreyko

Marc Andreyko talks to CBR about returning to "Manhunter" after a year away and how successful it has been. The writer also teases upcoming storylines, shares his proudest moments, and hypes his new Wildstorm series.

MAYO REPORT: July 2008 Sales Analysis

July was another strong month for Marvel, who took four of the top five comics and accounted for 48.47% of the total units sold for the top 300 comics. DC accounted for 34.52% of the units with only two items in the top ten.

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