Dark Horse Solicitations for December, 2008

Dark Horse has released solicitations for new comics and products on sale in November, 2008, including new issues of "The Goon," "Buffy," the debut of "Hellboy: The Wild Hunt" and the return of Mister X.

G. Willow Wilson talks "Vixen"

Acclaimed author and essayist G. Willow Wilson discusses the upcoming "Vixen: Return of the Lion," telling CBR the miniseries is not and an origin tale nor a reimagining, and is indeed set in current DCU continuity.

Danielle Corsetto talks "Girls With Slingshots"

Danielle Corsetto talks to CBR about her webcomic "Girls With Slingshots," the story of two girls, a bar and a talking cactus, as well as her in-progress graphic novel; Bat Boy; drinking contests; and the joys of Twitter.

Millar Kicks Ass with Ultimate Avengers

Mark Millar will in 2009 write "Ultimate Avengers," a new ongoing series featuring not just the heroes of his and Bryan Hitch's "Ultimates," but the entire Ultimate universe. We spoke with Millar about the project.

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