Pipeline, Issue #424

Augie takes one last look back at the sights of Comic-Con International in San Diego, presenting his own assortment of photos and stories from the convention last week.

Issue #64

Larry Young checks in with a story fans of the "Spider-Man" movies must read. At a most unexpected moment, genius strikes Larry and he may well have figured out what's going to take place in "Spider-Man 3."

Rich takes a look at next year's big Batman arc, what's coming from Wildstorm, Augustyn off "Beowulf," Transformers TPB confusion, comic creators compensated for "Batman Begins," new "G.I. Joe" series to come and much more. Updated

CBR Chat Transcript: Fabian Nicieza

Last week "Cable/Deadpool" and "New Thunderbolts" writer Fabian Nicieza stopped by the CBR Community and chatted with fans of his work. We've got a transcript of that conversation for you.

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