CCI, Day 2 - Working With Will Eisner

A group of some of comics' most widely-respected Golden and Silver Age artists reminisced about what it was like to work in the Eisner studios, as part of Friday's panel programming at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

CCI, Day 3 - Brave & The Bold, Sgt. Rock, the Spirit star in new DC projects

DC Comics announced a flurry of new projects Saturday at Comic-Con International in San Diego, including "The Death of Magic," by Bill Willingham, "Absolute Crisis on Infinite Earths," a new "Sgt. Rock" miniseries by Joe Kubert, Mark Waid on "The Brave & the Bold," "Superman Chronicles," Jeph Loeb's and Darwyn Cooke's "The Spirit/Batman" and Cooke's new "Spirit" series, plus news that Mark Waid has signed exclusively with DC. Updated with images.

SDCC - Day 2

Augie hits the convention floor Friday at Comic-Con International in San Diego and spends a lot of time name dropping, breaks in his new sketchbook and hits Artists Alley for original art.

CCI, Day 1 - CBR Photo Parade

We know what you want ... photos of the costumed folk! You also probably want some photos of comic creators. How about a weather report from the con floor? Well, we've got all that -- whether you want it or not -- with our Day 1 Photo Parade. Updated

CCI, Day 1 - Rachel Weisz Looks Back At "Constanine"

In preparation for the DVD's release, director Francis Lawrence was all set to show slides and get into the mechanics of the movie. But he didn't make it. So actress Rachel Weisz made due, with Brian Azzarello, Tim Bradstreet and Karen Berger along for the ride.

CCI, Day 2 - Taking Another Bite: Chaykin talks "Bite Club: Vampire Crime Unit"

In spring 2006 Howard Chaykin and David Tischman take readers back to sun-drenched and vampire-infested Miami with "Bite Club: Vampire Crime Unit." Artist David Hahn is also back providing interiors and Frank Quitely returns to do covers for the series, which looks at the vampire crime family, the Del Toros, through the eyes of the members of an elite police unit. CBR News spoke to Chaykin about the series.

CCI, Day 2 - The Vertigo Panel

DC unveiled their plans for the next year in the mature readers imprint Vertigo with a panel of no less than 20 attendees, including VP/Executive Director Karne Berger, Jill Thompson, Brian K. Vaughn, Brian Wood, Bill Willingham and writer/director Darren Aronofsky.

CCI, Day 2 - Orientation: Top Cow Panel San Diego Comic-Con

Top Cow's panel at CCI Friday proved informative and hilarious. The panel highlighted the studio's offerings for the rest of the year with a particular spotlight on "Freshmen," the new series by Hugh Sterbakov and Seth Green about a group of college students given powers that aren't quite super.

SDCC 2005, Day 0

Augie checks in with his Day 0 con report that's not exactly a con report! His travels out to the west were an adventure of waiting and more waiting, but he does fit in a review of "The Murder of Abraham Lincoln" and offers up a podcast of the sounds of San Diego.

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