Back in Black: Fraction talks "Punisher War Journal."

Frank Castle has had enough. Supervillains have obliterated a small town and heroes are too busy fighting heroes. So, The Punisher launches a new crusade against the super powered criminals of the Marvel U in the pages of "Punisher War Journal," a new ongoing series beginning in September. CBR News spoke to writer Matt Fraction about the series.

Issue #251

Steven checks in with a report from this past weekend's Anime Expo in Anaheim, looks at the character of Superman and where people often get him wrong, reader e-mail and much more.

The Runaways Say Goodbye To A Friend

Marvel Comics has released a preview of "Runaways" #18, which concludes the "Parental Guidance" storyline and sees the young heroes dealing with the loss of one of their own.

Heroes Con: Day Three

Michael checks in with his final report from Heroes Con in Charlotte, North Carolina, with a look at how the day went and some announcements from various panels and creators.

Issue #6

Justin continues his conversation with Matt Kennedy of Panik House Entertainment discussing their upcoming DVD releases, Mexican cult cinema, how a copy of "Fantastic Four" #1 helped him big time and more. Plus, Justin gives you a preview of "Uncle Sam & The Freedom Fighters."

Pipeline, Issue #473

Augie starts his look at the comics solicited for September, with good news on Dark Horse's new art book project, DC's latest universe reboot, and the next wave comics collections from Brian Bendis and Robert Kirkman.

"Superman Returns" Rules The Weekend Box Office

"Superman Returns" easily bested the competition this week, pulling in over $50 million dollars at the box office, and slowly closing in on the $100 million mark. How does it compare to other films? CBR News has the answers.

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