Issue #29

This week, Tony takes a look at two pieces of manga, "Sexy Voice & Robo" and "Her Majesty's Dog. While very different in tone and style, both deal with relationships and romantic entaglements that are the cornerstone of many manga stories.

Marvel Announces New "Wolverine" Ongoing Series

Updated With New Art & Creative Team Information. To ring in the new year, Marvel Comics has announced a second ongoing "Wolverine" series, entitled "Wolverine: Origins," which promises to reveal more about the past of everyone's favorite Canuck.

Issue #225

As we march into 2006, what are the various facts and truths the comic industry must acknowledge? Steven runs down the list, plus offers up his first reviews of the new year and much more.

Issue #18

The question Robert gets every day is "How do I break into comics?" It's a question that's been answered before, but this time Robert gives it a try and the awful truth is ... well, come on inside to see how the easy question may have a rather harsh reality tied to it. Plus, preview art from "Marvel Zombies," "Ultimate X-Men" and more.

In Depth With Mike Carey: Marvel, Vertigo & More

Since his acclaimed launch of the "Lucifer" series at Vertigo, Mike Carey's star has been rising not only in the comic book industry, but in a number of creative media. In Part One of a Two Part interview, Carey spoke frankly about his time in comics and what his plans are with Marvel Comics.

In the first LYING IN THE GUTTERS of 2006, Rich has word of a war in Bludhaven, the current status of "Rom," the "NextWave" theme song, the plots to unpublished Alan Moore Awesome Universe projects revealed, the swipe file, some very questionable licensed product and more. Updated

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