This week: demolishing the icon; the end of Fu Manchu; what's so funny 'bout peace, love & the graphic novel; even the Bedouins hate their phone company; and gobs and gobs of short notes in Steven Grant's PERMANENT DAMAGE.

X-POSITION: First Class

Wolverine: First Class writer Fred Van Lente reveals a Shang-Chi mission while X-Men: First Class' Jeff Parker has a beef with Iceman. Plus, lots of Beast love and exclusive artwork in an all-new, first class X- POSITION!

Paul Pope 2089

The venerable Paul Pope speaks in-depth with CBR News about his involvement in DKNY's new line of apparel, as well as Batman, PULPHOPE the future of THB and comics as mainstream art.

Excel Saga, Volume 17

Excel Saga reaches its 17th volume and promises, er, yet more of the same action-comedy bureaucratic satire, for those that have managed to stay with the series this long.

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