Pipeline, Issue #448

Fed up by stack of long boxes that you can't access? Augie looks at a new kind of comic book box that uses drawers. Also, what's going on with Marvel's hardcover program? And more one-liners.

Rich brings you word of an long delayed Brian Wood project soon to be published, the State of the DC Union meeting, some online feuds, Rob Liefeld's review of the Image Comics Hardcover, more behind the scenes from "Wha' Huh...," the swipe file and more. Updated

The New Frontier: Gotham Chopra talks Virgin Comics

The announcement of Virgin Comics came as a surprise to many, who see this high powered deal as a chance for greater exposure of the comic book medium. CBR spoke with chief architect Gotham Chopra to learn more. Includes loads of preview art.

Branson Forms Virgin Comics & Animation with Chopra

Sir Richard Branson, the man responsible for the successful Virgin companies, has joined with Deepak Chopra, filmmaker Shekhar Kapur and Gotham Entertainment to form Virgin Comics and Animation. Their first offering will see release mid-year with Director John Woo attached.

The Next Generation: Lowe talks "Nextwave"

Marvel Comics has been touting their new "Nextwave" series and with positive response thus far, Marvel may have another hit ont heir hands. CBR News caught up with series editor Nick Lowe to learn more. Includes an exclusive first look at pages from issue #2.

Surfing Safari: Giffen talks "Silver Surfer"

This Spring, the Silver Surfer will face a number of immensely powerful threats that will lead to sweeping changes for the character. CBR News spoke with Keith Giffen, the writer of the four-issue "Silver Surfer" limited series that ties into Marvel's "Annihilation," about the character and what he has in store for him.

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