Wonder Woman #26

Wonder Woman may not be the most popular of DC's trinity, but her book is kicking into high gear now, thanks to Gail Simone.

Steven Grant takes a look at 2008 in review and it ain't pretty, plus Christmas songs, two weeks in the life and the Comics Cover Challenge in this week's PERMANENT DAMAGE.

DC Comics On Sale December 4th, 2008

CBR brings you advance looks at new comics on sale from DC Comics and Wildstorm this Thursday including "Batman" #682, "JSA" #21, "Terror Titans" #3, "Trinity" #27, "The Authority" #5 and more.

New Avengers #47

Brian Michael Bendis is joined by former "Alias" collaborator Michael Gaydos for an untold story of Luke Cage's quest to find his father with the help of Jessica Jones.

X-Men Noir #1

Van Lente's script isn't the freshest thing in the world, but Calero's overwrought artwork makes this issue completely lifeless.

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