Stephenson on "This is a Souvenir"

We spoke with editor Eric Stephenson about Image's third music-inspired anthology, based on the work of indie group Spearmint, featuring stories by Chynna Clugston-Flores, Jamie S. Rich, Jamie McKelvie, Kieron Gillen and more.

CBR TV 2008: 5 Questions With The Punisher #3

In this installment, "Punisher: War Zone" star Ray Stevenson discusses his enormous fondness for the MAX Comics series written by Garth Ennis, saying the writer demonstrated "the real truth of the character."

WEEK OF TOP COW: Matt Hawkins

In this final edition, Top Cow President Matt Hawkins speaks extremely candidly about the Cow's history as a business, past associates, and the company's endeavors in film, video games and other media.

Cast & Crew Talk "Punisher: War Zone"

The director, stars, and producer of "Punisher: War Zone" talk about their interest in the ultra-violent character and praise comics writer Garth Ennis as a major inspiration for the new film, which opens today in U.S. cinemas.

Star Wars Fans Reap "Blue Harvest"

Writer Mick Harrison talks about the return of his and Doug Wheatley's "Dark Times," how he landed on the name of the arc -- "Blue Harvest" -- and what's next for Darth Vader in the expanded Star Wars universe.

John Rogers Offers "Leverage" on New Show

The critically acclaimed former writer of "Blue Beetle," John Rogers melds his science and pop culture backgrounds into a new heist show starring Timothy Hutton that depicts something of a modern day Robin Hood.


Frank Castle is a natural born warrior. His battlefield is the streets. With "Punisher: War Zone" in theaters now, CBR examines The Punisher's one-man war on crime from his first appearance through today.

Marvel's "Dark Reign" Solicitations

The Invasion is over and the Dark Reign begins! Marvel Comics has released solicitations and cover images, previously classified, for "Dark Reign" related comics coming out later this month and through February, 2009.

SPOILERS OF WAR: Secret Invasion #8

Out now, "Secret Invasion" #8 is the final issue of Marvel Comics' hit series, and it's big one. In this last installment of SPOILERS OF WAR, we enlisted writer Brian Michael Bendis to walk us through this special issue page by page.

Marvel Comics On Sale December 10th, 2008

Courtesy of Marvel, CBR brings you advance looks at new comics on sale next Wednesday including "Punisher: War Zone" #1, "Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane" #5, "What If? Fallen Son," "X-Men/Spider-Man" #2 and more.

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