Pipeline, Issue #417

There's a lot to cover this week as Augie looks at "Earthboy Jacobus" and the debut issue of "House of M." He also shares his thoughts on announcements that came out of this weekend's Philadelphia convention and a look at what's coming up in August.

Maturity is its own reward, isn't it? The cool, calm collected masses that make up the professionals, the hard-working creators in our little culture… it makes one proud to be a part of it. Wait a second… that's not our culture. Maturity as its own reward? Not in this business, mister… see what Joe & Matt have to say in today's The Basement Tapes.

Rich takes you on an inside look at the publishing concerns of both Marvel and DC Comics, shares with you Straczynski's review of the "V for Vendetta" script, plus a bunch of other news bits for your reading pleasure. Updated

REVIEW: "Batman Begins"

CBR's Khalil Asadullah took a trip to Gotham City and comes back a believer in the legends of the dark knight. Taking a close look at the characters, his review claims that this is not only the best film about a billionaire who dresses like a flying rodent, but that it chops the arm and legs off of a certain space opera as well.

WW Philly: Hellboy's New Horizons

A very different sequel to the Hellboy movie, Hellboy's new path after "Hellboy: The Island," a Hellboy animated series on Cartoon Network, the possibility of more Hellboy crossovers and a project telling what Hellboy did in 1950s Mexico were all on the agenda in Mike Mignola's Sunday Wizard World Philly panel.

WW Philly: Bat-Time in Philadelphia

Batman returns to his solo roots once more and his chosen successor will be revealed in the near future, Bat-fans were told at Sunday's Wizard World Philadelphia Year of the Bat panel.

WW Philly: Kubert draws, writes & talks "Sgt. Rock: The Prophecy"

In January of 2006, legendary artist Joe Kubert returns to writing and drawing one of the characters with whom he's most closely associated, in "Sgt. Rock: The Prophecy," a six-issue mini-series. The story takes Rock and Easy Company into the Russian Front in a desperate mission that just might shorten the war. Kubert spoke to CBR News about the project.

WW Philly: The Mystery of Death After Life: Bruce Jones talks "Deadman"

Many think that their inevitable death will offer the answers to all of life's mysteries. When Brandon Cayce dies, he discovers the opposite is true: His death is the beginning of a whole new mystery. Cayce is the star of "Deadman," a new ongoing series from Vertigo by writer Bruce Jones and artist John Watkiss coming in 2006. CBR News spoke to Jones about the series.

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