Issue #193

Steven takes a look at storytelling techniques once widely used that have mostly fallen out of favor, brings you Step 8 in the Creating Comics Step By Step series, some thoughts on season finales, plus much, much more.

A New Legacy Taking Flight: Simone talk "Teen Titans"

This August in a special two-part storyline of "Teen Titans," Gail Simone and Rob Liefeld revive one of the DCU's heroic legacies, Hawk and Dove. Simone spoke with CBR News about the new duo, fufilling the dream of writing The Titans and working with a controversial artist like Liefeld.

Pipeline, Issue #416

Back from the holiday weekend and raring to plunge into the comics blogosphere? Augie offers up some suggestions from his bookmarks of worthy sites to visit.

This week Rich takes a look at the problems comic creators face when it comes to taxes. Do you sell your original art at conventions? You should defeinitely read this column. Plus, loads of reaction from last week's column, plus a load of news and notes from around the industry.

Hooyah! M. Zachary Sherman talks "Seal Team Seven"

This July sees the release of the OGN "Seal Team Seven" from AiT/Plant Lar. Written by Marine Corps Reservist M. Zachary Sherman, the book follows one Navy Seal Team trying to stop a coming invasion from the citizens of Atlantis.

In Memorian: Comic Creator Doug Miers

Unfortunately, most of you probably aren't familiar with the work of Doug Miers. The creator of "The Taxman," "The Exec" and "Generic Comics," he passed away earlier this year from a sudden heart attack. He was 42. We look back at who he was and talk with his daughter Valerie about his work.

Finding Serenity in Comics: Matthews Talks "Serenity" Mini-Series

The long wait for the fans of the cancelled cult sci-fi western series "Firefly" is almost over. This September, the feature film "Serenity" hits theaters and in July, Dark Horse will release a three-issue "Serenity" mini-series that bridges the gap between the TV series and film, co-written by Joss Whedon and Brett Matthews. CBR News spoke with Matthews about book.

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