X-POSITION: Peter David's "X-Factor"

Peter David drops by X-POSITION to answer your questions about "X-Factor." What are the secrets of Madrox's powers? Will we see more Quicksilver? And which musical most influenced this comic? All that and more!

Final Crisis #2

The second issue of one of the most talked about series in ages is out. What's the verdict? CBR's Benjamin Birdie is excited about what he's seen.

Local #12

Wood and Kelly bring Megan's life full circle as she returns home after years away, an emotional ending to a fantastic series.

The Incredible Hercules #119

While the art is uneven, the story is a welcomed addition to an otherwise blah "Secret Invasion" event. "The Incredible Hercules" is a top tier Marvel book, deserving of more attention.

Is DC seeing an exodus? Which comic industry wall would you like to have been a fly on? Are the Harveys a bad example of crowdsourcing? Plus, "Flight Explorer" and an art book by Ladronn. That and more from Augie De Blieck Jr. this week.

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