X-Men 3, Garfield 2, Superman, Namor: Comic Reel Wrap for April 8th

We've got fresh adamantium for the next Marvel mutant sequel, a certain fat cat is making a celluloid comeback, directors and billionaires are talking about the Last Son of Krypton, Ryan Reynolds has no intentions on screaming "Imperius Rex," and we've got more "Smallville" stuff than you can shake a meteor rock at to finish off the week.

War is Hell. Here Come the Demons; Denton Talks "Common Foe"

In the Battle of the Bulge American forces had to contend with a surprise German onslaught and arctic like temperatures. In Image's "Common Foe," those same soldiers find themselves hunted by something ancient, evil, and ravenous. CBR News spoke with co-writer Shannon Denton for the latest.

First Look At "Blade: Nightstalking" Cover

New Line Home Entertainment has provided CBR News with a first look at the signature series cover art to "Blade: Nightstalking," the exclusive comic that will ship with the "Blade: Trinity" DVD later this month.

Issue #185

Steven checks in with step four of his "Creating Comics Step By Step" series, a bunch of reader e-mail, reviews of anime DVD's "Cromartie High School" & "Comic Party," plus a look at the "Sin City" movie as well as last year's "Puinsher." It's a busy Permanent Damage this week!

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