Issue #33

Joe found something surprising in Previews this month - an "X-Men Unlimited" story to be penned by Matt Fraction. Joe talks with Matt about about he landed the gig and the rules he had to play by.

Pipeline, Issue #407

Augie looks at what's coming out in June. It's a motley assortment, featuring ducks, rabbits, modern masters, hardcovers galore, and even a How-To DVD. Updated with Pipeline Podcast #13.

Angst & Espionage: Van Lente on "Amazing Fantasy"

As if being a teenager wasn't trouble enough Carmilla Black has to deal with guilt over her adopted parents' death, the effects of an unwanted super power and her megalomaniac birth mother. Black AKA The Scorpion is the star of a new arc of Marvel's "Amazing Fantasy." CBR News spoke with writer Fred Van Lente about the book. Includes an 11-page preview of #7.

REVIEW: "Sin City" The Movie

CBR News takes a look at the upcoming movie "Sin City," based on the graphic novel by Frank Miller. Was the film succesful? Did it ever falter? Look inside to find out.

Talking With The Creator's of New Line's Horror Comics

This May sees the entrance into comics of New Line Cinema's horror films "Friday the 13th," "Nightmare on Elm Street" and "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre." CBR News spoke with creators Brian Pulido, Jacen Burrows, Juan Jose Ryp, Mike Wolfer and Avatar Press EiC William Christensen to learn more about these books.

Issue #52

James takes a look at what Marvel Comics' return to 7-11 means for the direct market, both the good and the bad, the advantages and disadvantages and what it means to the comics industry as a whole.

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