VIDEO: Heroes Finale Previews

CBR brings you not one, not two, but three video previews of "An Invisible Thread," next week's season finale of "Heroes." And there's still time to send your questions to BEHIND THE ECLIPSE. Click here for details.

CBR TV 2009: Marc Guggenheim

Marc Guggenheim talks to CBR TV about "Resurrection," his hit Oni Press miniseries that graduates in June become the publisher's first full-color ongoing and gives us a 12-page preview of the first issue.

Advance Image Solicitations, July 2009

Image Comics has provided CBR with an advance look at solicitation information and graphics for new books on sale in July, 2009, including "Liberty Meadows Sunday Strips" Vol. 1, "Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer" #1 and more.

Overlord is Back. Who is Overlord?

CBR News received today the final ominous teaser from Image Comics that makes it very clear that Overlord, the Savage Dragon's greatest enemy, is making a return to the pages of Erik Larsen's long-running series.

Len Wein Talks JLA Two-Parter

Legendary comics creator Len Wein talks to CBR about his upcoming two-parter on DC's "Justice League of America," which will feature Plastic Man and the Royal Flush Gang, among other favorites.

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