Buck Rogers #1

The new adventures of "Buck Rogers" begin here. "Begin" is the operative word, as a great deal happens here without resolution.

Ultimatum #4

The event juggernaut rolls ever onwards as more characters face death and the Ultimates take the fight to Magneto.

Kevin Cannon Talks "T-Minus" & "Far Arden"

Writer/Artist Kevin Cannon talks to CBR about collaborating with Zander Cannon on the just released "T-Minus," about the space race, and striking out on his own with the 288-hour graphic novel "Far Arden" from Top Shelf.

Pipeline is 12 years old this week, which is also roughly when "Quantum and Woody" came to life. In a dual celebration, Augie re-read the series and reports back on a superhero odd couple that remains sorely missed.

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