"Spawn's" New Team - A Terrific Trifecta

With a new Editor-in-Chief and creative team, Todd McFarlane's "Spawn" comic is embarking on a new journey. We sat down with EiC Brian Haberlin, writer David Hine and artist Philip Tan to learn a bit more about their upcoming plans for the book.

Thomas Jane & Steve Niles talk "Bad Planet" & Raw Entertainment

The news earlier this week that "Bad Planet" will be coming from Image this December left a number of questions unanswered. Why the new artist and publisher? What is Raw Entertainment and what's the comic connection? We caught up with actor/writer Thomas Jane and writer Steve Niles to see what they've got up their sleeves.

Medieval Magical Mystery Tour: Jim Keplinger talks "Genie"

In comic shops today is "Genie" #1, a new all-ages series from FC9 Publishing and written by Jim Keplinger that explores the ancient legends of the Genie from the lamp, their mysterious masters the Djinn and introduces readers to a 14 year old kid with a fanboy complex and a Genie all his own.

Getting Knighted: Helfer Talks "Batman: Journey Into Knight"

Batman was not always the grim guardian of Gotham, but then something happened. Beginning this August, Andrew Helfer and Tan Eng Huat will show readers how Batman became the Dark Knight in "Batman: Journey Into Knight," a new 12 issue maxi series. Helfer spoke to CBR News about the dark transforming road that Batman took.

Issue #197

Steven Grant takes a look at the connections the mob has to early comics with Gerard Jones' "Men of Tomorrow," reader e-mail, a load of reviews including "Zombie Tales," "ZigZag," "Skyscrapers of the Midwest," "The Black Diamond" and others, plus much more.

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