CBR's #2 & #1 All Time Favorite Artist

All week we've been counting down CBR's All Time Top 100 Writers and Artists. Today, we present the #2 and #1 artist as voted on by members of the CBR Community. Who took the top spot? Come inside to find out.

Things could go better, and Ambush Bug needs room service stat, as some books -- "X-Factor," "Checkmate," "Noble Causes," etc. -- bring it like Fed Ex while some others just get lost in translation.

PREVIEW: Rich Johnston's "Civil Wardrobe"

CBR's rumor robot Rich Johnston is putting his money where his avatar is with "Civil Wardrobe," a satirical take on the mainstream comics industry, shipping today from Brain Scan Comics. This preview features art from the controversial comic, including some by names that may surprise you.

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