Family Dynamic #1

Hidden beneath the banner of a Johnny DC title, this book is not a book for kids, but rather a story for ALL AGES! Family, legacy and super-heroics await behind a Sean Galloway cover.

CBR TV @ CCI 2008: "Smallville's" Sam Witwer

Actor Sam Witwer joins the cast of "Smallville" this fall to play Doomsday -- just who will this new Doomsday be and what is he up to? Witwer answers those question adore in this video interview on the CBR Yacht.

FAN EXPO: Smallville

Outgoing "Smaillville" stars Michael Rosenbaum and Laura Vandervoort met with fans in Toronto to talk their future, the end of Kara's story, the show's past, Gene Hackman, and why Tom Welling is a super prankster.

Big column this week as word on a new DC books emerge, word on troubles at Virgin Comics, complications for iPhone comics, notes from the Millar/Harris "War Heroes" tour, what happened to "Elektra/Wolverine: The Redeemer" and more.

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