Fred Gallagher Showcases New Real Estate In "Megatokyo"

So you're an Otaku lost in Japan: nightmare or dream come true? In Fred Gallagher's "Megatokyo," now published by DC/CMX, the question is answered for two devoted fans of all things Japan. CBR News spoke to the creator, who revealed the origins of the series and hinted at plans for the future.

This week, Justin treats his audience to something from outside the world of comics -- an interview with Matt Kennedy of Panik House Entertainment, the purveyor of DVD entertainment that focuses on high-energy, inventive genre films with a spotlight on Asian Cinema.

Rich has word on how you can get a limited edition signed print by Alan Moore, the "V for Vendetta" music by David J has been reissued, keeping the peace when collecting single issues, small press resizing, Amazon fishing and much more in this week's LYING IN THE GUTTERS.

The 52 Steps: Week Seven

It's week seven for DC Comics' "52" series and this week the Booster storyline really gets going while Montoya finds a connection. And as always, Justin's here to share his thoughts, concerns and predictions with a new addition to this 52 week feature.

Issue #43

The dreaded deadline. We all blow them, even a few comic creators from time to time. Then again, some creators seem to always be on time. How does working under a deadline affect Erik Larsen's work? Come on in and hear a tale of deadlines.

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