Lots of stuff once again this week, with word on who the new artist will be in "Desolation Jones," the creative team on the new "Batwoman, "Fantastic Four 2" casting news, Marvel's big showing in the Harvey Awards this year and much more.

Top Cow Surprises Fans @ WW Philly

Witchblade, Cyberforce, and Weapon Zero were all front and center at Wizard World Phildelphia during Top Cow's spotlight panel. Learn what the future holds for this fan favorite company. Corrected

X-Men X-Changes @ WW Philly

Friday afternoon at Wizard World Philly, the Marvel Editorial staff headed up by EiC Joe Quesada clued fans in to a number of plans, including the new series' "X-Men: First Class," "X-Men: Phoenix - Warsong" and more.

Jim Lee One-On-One @ WW Philly

Wizard World Philadelphia shone the spotlight on superstar artist Jim Lee. What's his dream book to write? How often would he like to draw the Legion Of Superheroes? We've got those answers and lots more.

The 52 Steps: Week Four

It's week four of "52" and Justin checks in with an update. What were the highlights from that issue and which two heroes could be a part of that odd melted mass? Read on and join in on the speculation.

Vertigo Panel @ WW Philly

Saturday afternoon DC Comics updated fans on the status of a variety of upcoming Vertigo projects, which included recolored pages to be featured in the upcoming "Absolute Sandman."

"Civil War" Planning @ WW Philly

Spider-Man's marriage, the role of Cable & Deadpool in the future, and the ending to "Civil War" #2 were hot topics at today's "Civil War Planning" panel at Wizard World Philadelphia.

Cup O' Joe @ WW Philly

Comic book fans woke up to a fresh Cup O' Joe, in the form of Marvel Comics EIC Joe Quesada. Find out what he told fans at Wizard World Philadelphia.

Aspen Shares The Love @ WW Philly

Aspen's fans flocked to the company's Wizard World Philadelphia panel to find free goodies and some exciting news about future projects. CBR News was on hand to tell you what happened.

Issue #39

It's old school/new school week on Manga Island and Tony takes a look at the classic '70s series "Wild 7" with it's sometimes brutal violence and the more recent "Ju-On,' which also has its fair share of violence.

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