Issue #11

Matt talks about dreaming of Martha, the 'Mantooth!' collection coming later this year and your ideas for promotion.

'The Red Star' leaves Image

[The Red Star]Team Red Star announces they'll begin self-publishing the popular title, 'The Red Star,' under the new Archangel Studios name beginning this July. UPDATED Jim Valentino responds to the announcement and Christian Gossett shares with CBR News his reasons for the change and a look towards the future.

Issue #29

Bill Jemas and Joe Quesada, Steven Grant has a proposition for you. Plus a follow-up on editorial lying, a first look at artwork from Steven's upcoming Avatar Press series 'Mortal Souls' and more.

We've got 'Spider-Man' news, in fact loads of it with pretty pictures. The first pictures from 'Daredevil' including location pics, news on 'Time Cop 2' and Homer Hulk?

Pipeline, Issue #253

Augie conducts a short but surreal interview with writer J. Torres and looks ahead to this week's books, such as 'Powers' and 'G.I. Joe: Battle Files.' And it all gets wrapped up with some web site suggestions.

Tim Truman Interview

[Tim Truman Interview]Tim Truman may be best known for his ground breaking Western comics work, but there's much more to this artist/writer than just that. Learn about past projects 'Scout' and 'Grimjack' and what's up next with them, upcoming projects with Marvel and why he'll never work for Dark Horse Comics again.

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