Comic pros look back on 2000 and forward to 2001

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YABS JOURNAL: Suggest readers view weirdo WATCHMEN column. Has incredible art by Lea (RUMBLE GIRLS) Hernandez! Is fun. Hurm.

Issue #52

In his final column, Warren gives his sermon on what's changed (or hasn't) in the last year and what creators and fans must do next to help this hurting industry.

State of the (Ape) Nation: Busiek on Gorilla, Johns adds new faces to the Rogues Gallery, why Bendis didn't do his homework

We present our final C2F for Y2K with some Spider-Man tidbits, a few rumors debunked and squel news for Blade 2 and The Crow: Lazarus!

Issue #74

Steven Grant describes a scenario happening in comic shops all across the country, much to the chagrin of comic shop owners.

"Silky Warrior Tansie" rumbles to a close, Joker's unkindest cuts online, LSH's White Witch and Supergirl's Blithe seperated at birth?

Issue #51

Warren discusses Joe Quesada's open challenge to Todd McFarlane to return to drawing comics and Todd and TMP's current status in the marketplace today.

Pérez on move to CrossGen, DeFalco heads to Image, Marvel trade paperback plans for new year, Dezago talks "Tellos" 2001

Ya like Spider-Man? We got Spider-Man right here. Lots and lots of Spider-Man. It's all about the Spider.

Issue #74

The year 2000 was supposed to be a good one for the comic industry. Steven Grant takes a current look at the industry and examines what effect the closing of StanLee.net might have.

Between the lines: Jimmy Palmiotti Interview

Jimmy Palmiotti, known as one of the comic industry's best Inkers, discusses taking over the writing chores of Deadpool and creating his own voice on that title. Plus, some discussion of his approach to inking.

Jimenez shakes up "Wonder Woman," Palmiotti to leave "Deadpool," the second coming of "Battle Pope"

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