Issue #15

In which Torres presents the ten artists competing for fabulous prizes in "Comic Book Idol" and announces their first art assignment…

Issue #100

Wizard covers DC and Marvel mainly because they claim everything else consitutes around 5% of the market. Steven takes a look at the market and discovers that's not correct. Plus a look at other news from the week, reader mail, a handfull of reviews and more.

Rich files his post Chicago report with loads of news and rumours from the convention, including the story behind Rich's near miss with Jenkins in Chicago, Bendis and Millar ribbing Rich for not knowing about 'Ultimate FF,' Marvel's position on creator-owned titles, the CrossGen deadpool, what artists you'll be seeing on 'Flash' and much more!

Pipeline, Issue #322

Augie has a review of the new 'Frank Miller's Robocop' series, plus looks at Steve Uy's new 'Feather,' the zero issue of 'Street Fighter' and a bunch of other titles.

CHICAGO DAY 2: Larocca Exclusive to Marvel

Fans of Salvador Larocca's signature sleek lines in the pages of Marvel's X-Books can look forward to more of it to come: Marvel announced it had signed the artist to a four year contract at the X-Men panel Saturday in Chicago.

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